Breastfeeding During Pregnancy Must Pay Attention To This

When in the middle of breastfeeding, Mother suddenly found out she was pregnant. As a result, Mother became doubtful whether to continue breastfeeding or not. What if the baby in the womb is not getting enough nutrition? Naturally, if you worry that breast milk will decrease during pregnancy. But, in fact the body can adjust by itself, you know, Bun. However, there are several conditions that need to be aware of for breastfeeding while pregnant. Changes in the Body of the Mother Breastfeeding When Pregnant Even though you are pregnant, your body still produces milk so you can choose to continue breastfeeding. It's just that there are changes that might be felt in breastfeeding during pregnancy. The volume of breast milk is reduced The volume of breast milk during pregnancy may be slightly reduced. In addition, the breasts and nipples also become a little painful during pregnancy. And if you experience nausea during pregnancy, the nausea can be increasingly felt. Changes i
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